Choose from Allianz, Liberty, Etiqa & Zurich for your motor insurance

Private Vehicle Only*

Instant renewal of motor insurance above is only available for private individual vehicle. Commercial vehicles, company registered or private vehicle that insurance has lapsed, will need to be manually handled. For those who could not renew online instantly from either above 4 insurers, you may visit for assistance.

Frequent Asked Questions

If my car insurance has already expired, can I renew via the system instantly?

No. The system only allow private registered vehicle whose insurance has not expired to renew instantly. If your insurance has expired, please whatsapp us (016 3333513) your Name, NRIC, Car Number and Address, so that we can send you a quotation via whatsapp.

I dont know how much to insure for my car, can you help?

The system will based on your provided information such as car model, year of make etc to determine the proposed sum insured.  No worry of under-insuring or over-insuring.

Is the quotation shown official from insurance companies?

The quotation you see from the system is official from respective insurance companies as it is generated via their system.

Can I renew vehicle is that company registered? How about commercial vehicles, like School Bus, A-Permit, Taxis etc?

The above system allow for private registered vehicle only. For other classes of insurance, please write to :