Truly enjoy your holiday, knowing that everything that can go wrong will be covered.  From flight-overbooked to falling ill overseas.

If you can fall sick at home, you too can get sick oversea. The environment, food, hectic pace etc may make you ill. Common illness such as fever, food poisoning if serious enough can land you in foreign hospital, and you are very unlikely to have budgeted this expenses.

Many people lost their NRIC in Malaysia, so it is also possible that your travel documents may be misplaced, lost or being pick-pocketed. Losing your travel documents such as Passport in foreign land will cause much anxiety, frustration and not to mention, inconvenience, extra cost, such as transportation and accommodation to the High Commission / Embassy to have your travel document replaced.

If these still does not convince you to take up a travel insurance, think twice again. Accident happens, anytime and anywhere. What if you or your family are met with an accident oversea. Imagine the cost to be incurred if it required transporting them back.

Travel Insurance is not just about “things happening during the trip”. Your Travel Insurance starts once you sign up for the travel insurance. Your trip may be few months down the road, but if you are unable continue with the trip, due to serious circumstances, such as a family member (or you) being hospitalized, death or your house get flooded and you need to sort thing out, these major events prevented you from travelling. Whatever non-refundable expenses you have incurred are covered by your travel insurance.

Not to mention about sudden closure of travel agency, airline etc (example: Thomas Cook) which collapsed, leaving more than 600,000 people affected. Airline company may collapsed too ( France’s second-largest airline Aigle Azur went into receivership) and 13,000 passengers are stranded.

Another major and common occurrence is miss connecting flight. When your original flight is delayed or re-timed, you are very likely to miss your connecting flight. With a travel insurance, you get compensated according to your insurance plan.

There are many more benefits in the travel insurance and the fee you pay is actual very little compared to the benefits offered; and most importantly, a peace of mind.

We are currently offering Travel Insurance from two prominent insurers in Malaysia; Allianz General & MSIG. Both can have your travel insurance cover note issued immediately.