During the Movement Control Order period (till 14 April 2020), most people will not be going to work and are staying at home. So, if your car insurance is expiring soon, should you renew it or to renew it only after the MCO period?

Not driving your car during the MCO period does not mean that there will be no need for insurance. Let’s us explain why you should renew your car insurance and not let it lapsed.

  1. Risk of Theft
  2. Damaged by Fallen objects
  3. Renewal troubles for lapsed policy

Risk of Theft

There is still a risk of theft, no one know how these thefts can be so skillful and drive off vehicles without detection. It is best that you have your car insured against theft, especially those that are park outside.

Damage by Fallen Objects

You never know what can fall from the sky! A TV set, oven, trees or even human! Yes, there are cases where people commit suicide and fall onto someone’s vehicle. Your insurance will pay for these damages.

Troubles of lapsed policy

No insurance company like to provide cover for lapsed policy. They will require inspection before providing cover. So it will cause you extra trouble of needing to provide photos of your vehicle, sign letter of Accident-Free form etc.

During this MCO period, you can easily and conveniently renew your car insurance through whohaa.my. Select from three reputable insurers like Allianz, MSIG or Etiqa and get cover note instantly.



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